Gurkha Cigars

View a sampling of our Gurkha cigars below. Subject to change.

Gurkha Cellar Reserve Limitada Hedoni
Gurkha Classic Havana Blend Xo
Gurkha Classic Havana Blend Ro
Gurkha Classic Havana Blend To
Gurkha Private Select Churchill
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill Natura
Gurkha Ghost Exorcist 6x60
Gurkha Ghost Angel Tubos 6x52
Gurkha Ghost Asura
Gurkha Cellar Res 18yr Solaro
Gurkha Cellar Res 18yr Kraken
Gurkha Cellar Res 18yr Hedonism
Gurkha Cr Plat Solara/dbl Rob
Gurkha Cr Plat Kraken/xo
Gurkha Cr Plat Hedonism/gr Rob
Gurkha Cellar Reserve Limitada Solaro
Gurkha Cellar Reserve Limitada Kraken
Gurkha Cellar Reserve Solaro Double R
Gurkha Cellar Reserve Kraken Xo 6x60
Gurkha Cellar Reserve Hedonism Grand
Gurkha Royal Challenge Toro 6x52
Gurkha Royal Challenge Robusto 5x50
Gurkha Royal Challenge Xo 6x60

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