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How Long can Cigars Last in Storage?

When the Cuban embargo took effect, cigar lovers stashed their favorite cigars in the hope that their beloved cigars would last for many years. However, some people questioned whether those cigars would retain their flavor for long periods of time. While cigars have a...

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Do Cigars Boost Creativity?

The jury is still out on whether cigars boost creativity. However, there are plenty testimonies from people who insist that, while cigars are considered unhealthy by some people, cigar smoking is about more than just smoking. Cigar aficionados swear that smoking a...

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Oldest Cigar Factories in USA

Founded in 1895, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is the oldest maker of premium cigars in the United States. The company is still run by members of the founding family and is responsible for the famous Diamond Crown, Brick House, and Cuesta-Rey cigar brands that are popular...

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Tobacco Cultivation and Harvesting

Many of the finer things in life take a long time to make. Cigars, which have been considered a luxury item for many years, are no exception. Each time you smoke a cigar, you are partaking of the result of years of labor. Cigar tobacco begins its journey as a seed...

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The History of El Baton Cigars

El Baton was introduced in 1914 and became a popular pick at the time because it cost only a measly nickel per piece. Originally rolled with Cuban tobacco leaves, the El Baton is famously known as the original nickel stick. This unique cigar brand is made by J.C....

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The FDA and Cigar Regulation

For a long time, cigar lovers in the U.S. enjoyed the freedom of buying their favorite cigars from brick-and-mortar stores or online without the restrictions imposed on cigarettes. This suddenly changed on August 9, 2016, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

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Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated by Americans every first Sunday of August. The international version of this holiday is observed on July 30 this year. Regardless of which Friendship Day you choose to participate in, you can seize the occasion to send cards or spend time...

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The History of Padron Cigars

At Torch Cigar Bar here in Phoenix, Arizona, we offer a selection of more than 200 premium cigars to our members and guests. One of our best-loved brands is Padron. Many Padron lovers, however, do not know the history behind the cigars. Here’s a closer look at the...

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Workaholics Day

July 5 is Workaholics Day, an unofficial holiday dedicated to people who devote the lion’s share of their waking hours to working, often ignoring other pursuits in the process. The purpose of the celebration is to remind people that all work and no play could be...

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American Made Cigar Brands

The Fourth of July marks summer’s biggest holiday. Bring on the patriotism, parades, backyard barbecues, fireworks, and ball games. In between the celebrating, you can make time to relax and take in the lazy days of summer. What better way to do that than in the...

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What’s Inside of a Cigar Anyway?

Even if you love smoking cigars, you may not know exactly what is rolled up inside of your favorite cigar. Cigars are pretty straightforward. They are made of leaves—three kinds, in fact. Each of the three types of tobacco leaves contributes to the cigar’s overall...

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History of Cigar Names

Cigars come in various sizes, shapes, and flavors. They often bear unique names, which have interesting backstories. Here are some prominent cigar brands and how their names came to be: Gurkha – The name of this brand came from the town of Gurkha in Nepal. The term...

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