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How to Enjoy Your Cigar Without a Cutter

Whether you are on a last minute road trip or camping in the great outdoors, you may have remembered to bring your favorite cigars only to discover that you forgot your cutter. With no cigar stores nearby, you suddenly have a big problem, especially when you feel the...

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The Right Way to Store Your Cigars

Proper cigar storage is a primary concern for cigar lovers. You wouldn’t want to waste a lot of money by improperly storing expensive cigars so that they lose their freshness and flavor. Cigars will dry out in arid climates or absorb too much moisture when it is...

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Flying Do’s and Don’ts for Cigar Lovers

If you’re a major cigar enthusiast, you might find it hard to part with your smokes when you head out on a trip. However, if you’re not careful, flying with your favorite cigars can come with pitfalls and traps. Either you damage your precious cigars during your...

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Cigar Scents and Flavors

Cigar blenders are as serious in their work as the distillers of fine spirits, brewers of beer, and the producers of coffee and tea. Cigar blending is both a science and art, with flavors created by the soil of the region where tobaccos are grown and the variety of...

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Understanding Cigar Shapes and Sizes

If you are new to cigar smoking, you may have noticed that cigars come in varying sizes and shapes and that smokers spend different amounts of time on the kind of cigars they smoke. The diameter and length of a cigar can vary from brand to brand, making it important...

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The History of Tequila in a Nutshell

Tequila is one of the few spirits with equal appeal to drinkers and cigar smokers. Its origin is mysterious, but there’s no doubt that cigar aficionados prefer tequila with many of their favorite cigars. Tequila, contrary to popular belief, is not made from cactus but...

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Tips for Making that Vintage Humidor Work Once More

Buying a vintage humidor from an online marketplace is not something that people do on a day-to-day basis, but if you see a nice product for a decent price, most likely you won’t sit idly by. A vintage humidor has more value than to merely keep cigar humidity at the...

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National Cigar Day is Coming Soon

Mark your calendars on February 27 because it is National Cigar Day. This is an event commemorating the cigar machine invented by Oscar Hammerstein, a German merchant with a penchant for smoking cigars. If the name rings a bell, he was also the grandfather of the...

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Everything You Need To Know About Cigar Bands

Cigar smoking has been well-loved throughout history, but in this age of enterprise, cigar bars are becoming a popular choice for cigar lovers. Cigar bar patrons can frequent these trendy locations, socialize, and enjoy a wide array of cigar brands with other smokers....

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Valentine’s Day Cigars

Valentine’s Day is an evolving ritual of romance, dating, and relationships. In most parts of the world, it is common to give a lady flowers or chocolates. On the other end of this gift-giving tradition, the menfolk often receive dinner, liquor, or even cigars. Cigars...

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Famous Super Bowl Cigar Smokers

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, one traditional way of celebrating the big game is to open a good bottle of champagne and light up a flavorful stogie. As we all look forward to the NFL season’s exciting end, let’s take a good look at the iconic football players...

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