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Apple-flavored Cigars and Tobacco

National Apple Month is celebrated in the U.S. every October. The month-long celebration promotes the importance of apples as a healthy fruit. It also focuses on the use of apples as ingredients or components in various products. The apple industry sponsors...

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Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day, or National Boss Day, is observed on October 16. It is traditional for workers to seize the day to express thanks and gratitude to their bosses. The observance was created to strengthen the relationship between the employer and the employees. During the...

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Here’s How Cigars Were Born

The origin of the tobacco plant can be traced to South America. The aborigines believed that tobacco was a miraculous medicine and made it an essential element in their religion, politics, and social ceremonies. Tobacco cultivation was the main feature of their...

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A Few Facts About Cuban Cigars

American travelers can now bring Cuban cigars into the U.S. There is no limit to the number of cigars that can be brought in as long as they are not intended for resale. However, if you want to purchase the cigars, be prepared to pay the corresponding taxes. Cuban...

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The “Best-of the-Best” Cigars

There are many brands of cigars in the world, but there are a few that stand out from the rest. These famous cigar brands can be difficult to find, but they are often well worth the search and the purchase price. The most popular cigar brands include the following:...

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Cigar Accessories

If you are a cigar aficionado, you undoubtedly invest a lot of time and resources into procuring the finest cigars. It’s a good idea to do the same with cigar accessories. Accessories are a key part of the cigar smoking experience. Here are a few accouterments to...

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Cigar Humidors

A humidor is either a box or a room with constant humidity that is used to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco. Humidors could range from a small wooden box that holds a few cigars to a walk-in room that holds thousands of cigars. The moisture in humidors helps...

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Make the Most of Your Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is intended to celebrate the nation’s work force, but it’s also a great day to enjoy the last gasps of summer. Knowing that all good things must end, people often fill their Labor Day weekend with all the adventures they wish to have before summer fades into...

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The Finest Cigars

Smoking a cigar is one life’s little pleasures. There is a class and elegance associated with cigar smoking, and there is a reason for this – cigars are expensive. Compared to the cost of smoking cigarettes, the cost of smoking cigars is prohibitive for many people....

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Cigars vs. Cigarettes

People who smoke have the option of choosing between cigars and cigarettes. Both contain tobacco. The major difference between the two is that the tobacco in a cigar is wrapped in a tobacco leaf while the tobacco in a cigarette is wrapped in paper or another material...

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Whiskey vs. Scotch vs. Bourbon

What differentiates whiskey, scotch, and bourbon is a common topic of discussion among spirit lovers. While the distinction might be common knowledge to some, many drinkers and non-drinkers are fuzzy on the topic. Whiskey, also known as whisky, is an alcoholic...

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What’s So Special About Cuban Cigars?

President John F. Kennedy imposed a trade embargo on Cuba in 1962. Kennedy’s embargo expanded the original ban imposed by President Eisenhower in 1960. But before Kennedy imposed the embargo, he ordered more than 1,000 H. Upmann cigars from Cuba to ensure that he...

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