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Whiskey vs. Scotch vs. Bourbon

What differentiates whiskey, scotch, and bourbon is a common topic of discussion among spirit lovers. While the distinction might be common knowledge to some, many drinkers and non-drinkers are fuzzy on the topic. Whiskey, also known as whisky, is an alcoholic...

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What’s So Special About Cuban Cigars?

President John F. Kennedy imposed a trade embargo on Cuba in 1962. Kennedy’s embargo expanded the original ban imposed by President Eisenhower in 1960. But before Kennedy imposed the embargo, he ordered more than 1,000 H. Upmann cigars from Cuba to ensure that he...

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Celebrate Friendship Day

Friendship Day is observed on the first Sunday of August in the U.S. Other countries honor the holiday at different times, but regardless of the date, it is an excuse to celebrate friendship with lunch or dinner out, a loving card, a thoughtful gift, or words of...

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What’s the Big Deal with Cuban Cigars?

Cigar aficionados who frequent our Arizona cigar shop, known as Torch Cigar Bar, are more inclined toward Cuban cigars than toward those manufactured in any other country. So what is it that makes Cuban cigars so great? Cuba has been growing tobacco for hundreds of...

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Explore Exotic Places with the Allure of Foreign Cigars

The millennial generation – characterized by people belonging to the 16 to 34 age bracket – is more interested in traveling abroad than older generations currently are. The United Nations estimates that about 20 percent of international tourists, around 200 million,...

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The Hazards of e-Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette, also referred to as an e-cigarette, uses an electronic device to produce aerosol by heating a liquid. The user inhales the aerosol in what is referred to as vaping. The liquid in e-cigarettes, or e-liquid, is made of propylene glycol,...

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Overworked? Take a Load Off for Workaholic Day

National Workaholics Day is observed every July 5. The day is dedicated to those of us who just can’t seem to break away from work. When we are in workaholic mode, we may find ourselves leaving early to get to the office before dawn, skipping lunch, and staying late...

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Independence Day and American-Made Cigars

The world’s most famous cigars come from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. But to the surprise of many cigar aficionados, there are also good cigar brands that are manufactured in the U.S. Some states, such as Connecticut, Louisiana, Pennsylvania,...

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The Best Cigar Cutters

Cigar aficionados need an essential tool in order to fully enjoy their smoke: a good cigar cutter. Using the correct cigar cutter will enhance the pleasure of smoking. Cigar aficionados at our High Street cigar shop in Phoenix use different kinds of cigar cutters. You...

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Celebrity Cigar Lovers

Most of us have been star struck at some time in our life. We may have had a crush on a celebrity as a teenager, watching all of the movies featuring our favorite adolescent heartthrob or memorizing all of the songs released by our favorite musician. Even now, we may...

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Tying the Knot? Don’t Forget the Cigars

For years, June has been the most popular month for weddings. There are several reasons why this may be the case. People often marry in June because of the moderate temperatures and agreeable weather. Others choose June because of the availability of cheaper arrays of...

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Torch’s 1 Year Anniversary

Join us on Friday, June 16th. Events to include: 4:00 cigar rolling with the one and only Egda Lovo. 5:00 Big Ash competition. 8:00 Festivities begin for Torch’s 1 year anniversary! More to be...

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