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The Hunt for the World’s Biggest Cigar

There are many cigar manufacturers in the world. Some specialize in affordable cigars for the masses; others roll out premium cigars for those with the most discriminating tastes. Cigar manufacturers know their respective audiences and create their products...

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Native Americans and their Non-abusive Tobacco Use

Part of the Native American culture involves smoking unprocessed tobacco in pipes for healing and ceremonies. Modern Native Americans continue to use tobacco for medicinal purposes today. It can be smoked or dispensed as tablets or tinctures. Indian tobacco is...

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Top Books for Cigar Lovers

Americans observe Read Across America Day on March 2, the birthday of the well-loved children’s author Dr. Seuss. The day aims to raise awareness of the importance of reading in the life of every American, regardless of age. If you’re a cigar fan and book lover, too,...

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Hollywood Celebrities Who Enjoy Cigars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present the 90th Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscar Awards, on Sunday, March 4. Awards will be given to the best films and performers and other people involved in behind-the-scenes production. People in...

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Celebrate National Cigar Day

National Cigar Day is coming up on February 27. The day commemorates Oscar Hammerstein I who is credited with the invention of the cigar-manufacturing machine. Hammerstein was a German businessman who loved to smoke cigars. If his name sounds familiar, that’s because...

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Characteristics of True Cigar Lovers

Cigar aficionados come from all different walks of life, but they share one thing in common: a love for the finer things in life and the experience of luxuriating in the richness of a high-quality smoke. Here are just a few attributes of a true cigar devotee: Prone to...

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The Perfect Cigar for Valentine’s Day

It’s not always roses and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. You can mix things up a bit depending on your significant other’s interests and hobbies. If your loved one favors cigars, consider giving him or her a box of premium cigars to savor. Here are a few cigars that...

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The Big Game is Coming: Have You Purchased Your Cigars?

The Big Game will be played on February 4 this year. Football fans will be rooting for their favorite team while people of all ages and persuasions will be anticipating the year’s best commercials. There will be food and drinks in rich supply. For cigar aficionados,...

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How Did Cigars Become a Symbol of Success?

As you look at pictures of great people in history, you may notice that many of them are smoking cigars. Historically, those of significant wealth and power indulged in handcrafted cigars from Cuba and Central America. Famous people across the political and power...

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What to Drink With Your Next Cigar

Even the most seasoned spirit connoisseurs or cigar aficionados are sometimes flummoxed when it comes to pairing drinks and smokes. This is because they are dealing with two very distinct areas of expertise. A cigar master may be able to identify the type of tobacco...

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Aromatic Cigars

Cigar lovers are often divided as to which is more important–flavor or aroma. It cannot be denied that both are important factors in the selection of a good cigar. While the flavor of the smoke stimulates the sense of taste, the aroma awakens the sense of smell even...

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We Appreciate You

January is National Thank You Month and a great excuse to express our appreciation to the people around us who have blessed our lives. We can make others feel happy and appreciated when we show gratitude, but we help ourselves as well. Science has shown that people...

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