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Mayans and Their Tobacco

A 1,300-year-old flask from an ancient Mayan civilization was discovered to contain traces of tobacco. The flask was likely used for the storage of tobacco leaves. The Mayans ground the leaves into a powder which they used as snake repellent and to make a potent...

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Armed Forces Day: Cigars for Warriors

Americans celebrate Armed Forces Day every third Saturday of May. The day is dedicated to paying tribute to those who serve in the armed forces of the United States. It is a day to honor the men and women in uniform who served the country in times of war and peace....

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Rocky Patel Cigars

Rocky Patel, a Los Angeles entertainment and product liability lawyer, was introduced to cigars in the mid-1990s and quickly made them his passion. He became one of the founding members of the Grand Havana Club in Los Angeles. While busy with investment ventures, he...

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Tips for Traveling with Cigars

A box of your favorite cigars will make any vacation better, but you can’t just toss the cigars into your luggage and go. If you fly to your destination, your suitcase will weather fluctuations in temperature, which will be disastrous to your cigars. Changes in...

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The Perfect Accompaniment for Cigar Smoking

A cigar is typically enjoyed with something else, such as spirits or chocolate. When you match cigar smoking up with another experience or substance, it is referred to as “pairing.” Pairing, however, is not limited to food and drink. People have been pairing their...

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Cigars to Welcome Baby

Giving out cigars at a child’s birth has long been a tradition in the U.S. and Europe. Although it is not as popular today as it was in past years, the custom is still observed by many families as a way of celebrating their new addition. It used to be that when a baby...

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Humidor on a Budget

A humidor is a box or a room that is humidity-controlled for storing cigars. Too much or too little humidity can damage tobacco products. A humidor helps maintain a proper moisture level to preserve the integrity of the cigars. A humidor could be a large room like in...

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The Perfectly Aged Cigar

An aged cigar has a subtle complexity with a flavor that lingers just a little longer. Cigar smokers vary in their preferences. Some would rather have a young cigar while others would prefer a mellow, aged cigar. Note, though, that if you favor the richness of an aged...

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Cigars and Stress Relief

We may think that stress is just in our heads, but science has linked high stress levels to a number of physical ailments including heart disease. If people like Winston Churchill or Leopold de Rothschild were alive today, they would likely be promoting cigar smoking...

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Mark These Special Occasions With Your Favorite Cigar

Cigar smoking is often associated with celebrations. Fine cigars can make any event a little more special. Here are some of the most common occasions for lighting up a cigar. Weddings – At weddings, it is customary for grooms to pass out cigars to guests. Wedding...

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Exotic Cigar Shops Around The World

Some cigar aficionados travel the world in search of their favorite cigars. They do not mind the miles and the days spent on the road. The hunt is worth it when they get their hands on the rarest cigars in the world. Some people even plan their vacations around the...

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The Hunt for the World’s Biggest Cigar

There are many cigar manufacturers in the world. Some specialize in affordable cigars for the masses; others roll out premium cigars for those with the most discriminating tastes. Cigar manufacturers know their respective audiences and create their products...

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